What To Look For When Buying a Knife Online

Online shopping is convenient in most situations, but it can also be a significant risk to the shopper. While there are plenty of reputable retailers with recognizable brands and websites, the prepper and hunting industry is filled with counterfeiters and unsavory characters looking to take advantage of honest homesteaders. Therefore, when you are resigned to online shopping for your next knife purchase, be cautious, and consider the following five rules.

1. Work With Suppliers You Know

The best piece of advice for any shopper is to work directly with suppliers you know and trust. Most businesses have a website these days because there is usually nothing but an upside to owning digital real estate.

However, before purchasing anything through a website, check the domain. It is best to type the website directly into the address bar rather than clicking on a random link. Hackers and other criminals will often cloak false addresses, making you believe you are buying from a trusted site when you are actually giving your credit card info to a crook.

2. Beware of Enticing Deals

If you are online window shopping, keep in mind that deals that seem too good to be true typically are. Many counterfeiters will sell beautiful replicas at low prices, but they tend to hide the fact the item is not real. You want to read the fine print of every knife you look at online. Unless you are in the market for a replica, avoid overly enticing deals.

A really good deal can also be a sign of a stolen item. If you look on trading sites, always be cautious of legitimate knives being sold on the cheap.

3. Watch Out for Counterfeits

Replicas are great as art pieces, but it is best to stick with the real thing when you want a functional knife. Remember that legitimate manufacturers have standards and need to meet federal guidelines. If you purchase something off-market, you risk quality and performance, neither of which you can afford as a homesteader.

4. Look for Warranties or Guarantees

The problem with making an online knife purchase is you do not get a chance to inspect or handle the knife before buying. Therefore, before buying from any online retailer, look for guarantees or warranties on all products. You want to know that if an item is not what you expected or if it is defective, you can replace it or return without a hassle.

5. Do Your Homework

Before buying a knife from any website, do your research. Check with the better business bureau. Read through review sites. You may also want to ask friends and relatives about any experience they have with the particular site. Whatever you do, do not purchase from a seller you are unfamiliar with. Always look for evidence that the store is legitimate and trustworthy, especially before handing over your credit card information.

Shopping online for a knife is convenient, but it is also risky. Make sure that you review the above rules for online shopping before choosing to purchase from any online retailer. If you have any other tips, please leave a comment below.