What To Look for in a EDC Knife

An everyday carry knife is a staple amongst preppers and survivalists. However, with the large selection of knives on the market, it can be challenging to find an EDC knife that’s worthwhile.

Choosing the Best EDC Pocket Knife

Ultimately, the perfect everyday carry knife depends on personal preference. As long as the knife fits within the regulatory limits, most other characteristics will depend on the user. However, most people prefer a folding knife with a pocket clip, locking mechanism, and a 2.5“ to 3” long blade. Regardless of your preference, there are still several things you will need to consider as you shop for your next EDC knife.


When looking for a knife, you want to consider that you will have the knife on you at all times. Therefore, you will want a knife that is inconspicuous, unobtrusive, and comfortable. However, you do not want a knife that is too small. Most people prefer to find an EDC knife that is approximately 4“ long when closed and is lightweight, around 3.25 oz.

Length and Shape

While you do not want the collapsed body to be any longer than 4“, that doesn’t mean the blade length should be equal. A good-sized blade will be no longer than 3.5” when looking at drop-point blades. Looking for longer knives will often result in clumsy handling. The shorter length is suitable for most cutting and defense tasks. However, before purchasing a knife for everyday carry, check local regulations. Most jurisdictions will have length limits to consider.

Handle Material

While the blade is the most important consideration when selecting a knife, the handle comes in as a close second. The handle material helps with grip and stability. There are several materials to choose from, including:

  • Wood
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Micarta canvas
  • G10

G10 is a popular handle material because it is lightweight and provides a good grip. However, tastes will play a role in what material you select.

Locking System

There are many locking mechanisms to choose from. You can find ambidextrous models or mechanisms that move your fingers out of the way. The objective is to find a mechanism that is sturdy and durable and fits your style of use. Again, you will need to check with local regulations to see what types of locking knives are permitted in your area.

Blade Steel

There are many types of steel to consider when purchasing a knife. However, you mainly want to look out for the cutting performance, corrosion resistance, edge retention, and ease of maintenance.


Finally, the last consideration to make when purchasing a knife is style. There are tactical knives, classy knives, traditional knives, etc. As long as the knife you choose is durable and capable of performing the way you need it to, you can feel free to select any style that speaks to you.

List of the Best EDC Knives on the Market

While there are many knives on the market, only a few stand out as being the type of all-around EDC knife a majority of people would benefit from owning. Below are the top 10 best EDC knives currently on the market:

  1. Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight Pocket Knife
  2. CJRB Small Feldspar Pocket Knife
  3. Kershaw Anso Fraxion Pocket Knife
  4. CIVIVI Elementum Pocket Knife
  5. Gerber Sedulo Pocket Knife
  6. CRKT CEO Pocket Knife
  7. Opinel No. 6 Carbon Pocket Knife
  8. SOG Terminus XR LTE Pocket Knife
  9. SOG Stout FLK Pocket Knife
  10. CRKT Pilar III Pocket Knife

What is your favorite EDC knife? Leave a comment below.