The Rise of DIY Gun Kits Pose New Threat To Law Enforcement Agencies

As with the manufactured drug trade, gun manufacturers are beginning to take advantage of legal loopholes. Commonly referred to as “ghost guns,” DIY gun kits are being sold over the internet to any interested party. These firearms are untraceable, with no serial numbers, paperwork, or registered gun card, and worst of all, ownership is technically not illegal. The federal government and many state legislatures have yet to put any new law in the books to prevent ownership or sale of these kits, providing easy access to those otherwise incapable of gun ownership.

A Gun Control Issue Most Can Get Behind Is Stalled in Congress

While lawmakers are continuously stuck on the standard non-starters of the gun control debate, they continue to ignore the growing and actionable problem of DIY kits. The ATF has noted a significant rise in the number of weapons and “arsenals” they are coming across during raids and routine operations. While the agency refers to these firearms as self-made unserialized firearms, they are the same “ghost guns” and DIY weapons President Biden recently made a stand against, urging congress to move forward with legislation to control the mounting problem.

Availability Without Accountability

While building a kit gun is not illegal, it is still illegal for a prohibited person from owning a firearm to possess one. However, because there are few, if any, restrictions on the sale of these firearms, it is easier for a criminal or someone prohibited to get ahold of this type of weapon. 

Law enforcement agencies are beginning to feel like their hands are tied. While a convicted criminal is not technically permitted to own a gun in most territories, the sale of these weapons is untraceable. When an individual is spotted with a weapon they are not supposed to have, like Darryl Collins of Chicago, it is hard to file charges. During Collins’ arrest, he ran and threw the DIY gun aside. When in custody, prosecutors decided only to charge him as a felon in possession of ammunition.

DIY Gun Kits and the Potential for Carnage

Since the beginning of 2021, there have been at least 104 mass shootings occurring in 29 states and Washington D.C. While DIY gun kits are not responsible for these shootings, there is no telling how the increased ease-of-access, especially to those prohibited through normal channels, will increase gun violence and death risks. 

Regardless of your views on the gun control debate, laws currently exist on the books that protect all citizens against people more prone to violence or determined mentally unfit for gun ownership. “Ghost guns” negate those laws, taking advantage of loopholes to ensure gross profit. As a prepper, your goal is survival, and while fair gun ownership is a part of that process, DIY kits present a clear risk to your safety and the safety of others.

For the responsible gun owner, accountability and liability are crucial. Every hunter and survivalist plays their role and takes part in the legal system of gun ownership, which includes licensing and paperwork. While the idea of a DIY kit might sound intriguing, it opens up a dangerous production channel for weapons development on the domestic front. While some people might not agree with every gun law in the books, are “ghost guns” even a part of the solution, or are they purely a problem? Leave a comment below, respectfully expressing your opinion, and keep the conversation going.