The 4 Issues of Concern in 2021 for Preppers

Every year brings with it new or continuing challenges, and everyone knows that 2020 had its fair share of difficulties; many of those issues will carry over into the new year. As a prepper, you know the importance of looking ahead to the challenges people may face in the year ahead. 2021 will not be easy, the still-thriving pandemic, economic struggles, and waning job market are concerns for all people. The rest of this article will focus on the top four issues facing 2021 and offer some insight into what you can do as a prepper.

1. Gun Laws and Restrictions

As any gun owner knows, there are always new bills on the horizon suggesting restrictions, mandates, expenses, and disincentives. Thankfully, the American government provides opportunities for responsible gun owners and citizens to legally influence some of these changes and proposals. Lawful and peaceful protest is among the strongest tools in a citizen’s arsenal, and it has swayed public and political opinion in the past.

Another powerful tool is the right to vote. If you dislike the political views of a candidate vote for the other. If there is no candidate you like, attempt a run for office. Democracy is a beautiful thing, and it should be respected and cherished.

2. Unemployment

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to alter operations and, in many situations, layoff employees. Unfortunately, unemployment is still a significant problem, and many people will need to learn to live with less and seek aid when possible. If you are currently employed, thank your lucky stars, but do not underestimate the risks. If you do not have an emergency fund, start saving now — stock up on essentials, like food, medication, and water. If the worst should happen and you lose your only income source, you need to be ready with a few months of supplies.

3. Economic Struggle

Looking beyond the personal and to the national and global crises, economies are struggling. Another economic collapse or depression could come at any moment; this, again, speaks to the need for savings and supplies. While placing some trust in financial institutions is an excellent idea because of the interests and security provided, you should also have emergency funds in cash and on hand, but do not stash it all in the same place. Having multiple hiding places ensures, if a robbery happens, that you do not lose all of your money.

4. Vaccine Rollouts

If not the majority, many people are grateful to see progress and approvals happening with COVID-19 vaccines. Unfortunately, the rollout of treatments is still a mystery, with many people uncertain of when or if they can receive a vaccination anytime soon. There is also concern about vaccination mandates, which are fruitless as of now, but some people wonder if employers will require treatment before going back to work or if schools will mandate it.

While some suggest that little is known about the current vaccines’ possible side effects, it should be noted that the treatments are proven to be nearly 100% effective. The best way to understand the efficacy of the available vaccines is by speaking with a knowledgeable physician or another medical professional; do not rely on personal bias or opinion.

2021 is off to a rough start, but many people are still hopeful. The growing list of available vaccines and treatments suggest that the worst of COVID-19 may soon be in the past. What do you think of 2021 so far? Do you have any concerns? Leave a comment below.