Solar power bank 20K


Our solar panel charger is equipped with a heavy duty battery and Qi wireless charging technology. This portable solar charger is designed to effortlessly power gadgets on the go. Take it on camping trips. It is nice and small and you can pack one in the car, or keep a few in the house for unexpected power outages — the Solar Power Bank even includes 28 built-in LED lights with 3 flashlight settings to help you navigate in the dark.

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Don’t settle for dead batteries on any essential devices. This 20,000mAh capacity can charge your phone up to 12 times! Charge multiple devices at the same time with 3 USB outputs (1-5V/1A, 2-5V/2A) and is Qi Wireless charging capable panel (5V/1A).

Weather Proof : IP65 waterproof & Dustproof. Ready for harsh environment’s!

Light panel has 28 LED’s with  over 150 hours of light*! Three light settings High- Med-Low with up to 800 Lumens of light!

Full panel solar charger allows you to charge without access to power.*

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*150 hours of light achieved without charging any devices and on the low light setting.

*Solar charging should be use in emergency only, not meant to charge the power bank for daily use.