Solar power bank 10K


No more low-battery! This solar power bank can fully charge your Phone 7 times. The Solar Charging bank provides limitless power supply anytime anywhere. Up to 2x faster charging. 

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Don’t settle for dead batteries on any essential devices. This 10,000mAh capacity can charge your phone up to 6 times! Charge multiple devices at the same time with 3 USB outputs (1-5V/1A, 2-5V/2A) and is Qi Wireless charging capable panel (5V/1A).

Weather Proof : IP65 waterproof & Dustproof. Ready for harsh environment’s!

Light panel has 14 LED’s with  over 70 hours of light!* Three light settings High- Med-Low with up to 500 Lumens of light!

Full panel solar charger allows you to charge without access to power.*

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*150 hours of light achieved without charging any devices and on the low light setting.

*Solar charging should be use in emergency only, not meant to charge the power bank for daily use.