Fire and light are two essentials to survival. With the E Lighter and Flashlight you get both in one convenient, pocket-sized tool. The unit’s lighter mode provides a safe, flameless way to quickly start a campfire for heat and food.

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This is water resistant is perfect way to combine two essentials of survival, Fire and Light!

The E-Lighter is the future of lighters! It is a Rechargeable Dual Arc Lighter with a flashlight! It is a Flashlight when the lid is covered, Press the switch  to turn on the flashlight, Press again to shut it off.  Flashlight has 3 modes: High-Low and Strobe.

Lower the safety buckle and press the silver button to open the lid to reveal the lighter. Press and hold the button to get a continuous arc from the lighter. (Keep Fingers Clear, High chance of getting shocked) conveniently charge the lighter with the USB Type B port on the side.

Easy to carry with the included wrist lanyard.