RFID Technology and Using Wallets To Protect Yourself

Technology is advancing exponentially, so much that companies and the consumers they serve are struggling to keep up with all the changes and innovations. Unfortunately, tech-savvy thieves are lurking around every corner, ready and waiting to pounce.

The most vulnerable and valuable asset people have is their identity and financial data. As technology moves faster towards convenience, RFID chips are being integrated into much of what people carry every day, especially credit and debit cards. The chips are helpful, making transactions quick and painless, a simple tap on a reader, but with the right tools, thieves can steal your information without you even noticing.

RFID scanners or skimmers are not only used by stores, but thieves also use these devices. The problem is the portability of the devices and the lack of protection on cards and card carriers. However, with the right tools, you can protect your information.

RFID wallets essentially wrap your credit cards and other at-risk information in an RFID protective sleeve. The sleeve blocks scanners or skimmers from reading your information. There are at least three reasons to purchase an RFID wallet.

1. Lower the Risks of Identity or Information Theft

The primary reason to purchase an RFID wallet is to protect your financial information and identity against theft. Fortunately, RFID theft is relatively rare at the moment, but that does not mean it is safe. As a prepper, you know that safety and survival come down to preparation; purchasing an RFID wallet is preventative.

While the current risks of theft might be minimal, the growing pool of tech-savvy criminals means it is never 0%. Owning an RFID wallet ensures your information remains yours and limits points of access only when your card is out of the sleeve.

2. Protect Against Future Threats

Experts explain that RFID threats could increase in the future, meaning that buying a wallet now is more about future defense. As RFID technology becomes more integrated into shopping and essential tasks, thieves will have more motivation to find unique and innovative ways to steal information.

The portability and concealability of RFID skimmers will improve. As society has seen time and time again, complex tech can fit into smaller and smaller packages, especially when remotely linked to other devices. Therefore, buying an RFID wallet today is about preparing for future threats more than anything, which is precisely what preppers do.

3. Storage

An RFID wallet is, more than anything else, a wallet. The functionality of newer models is as thin and capable as any other standard wallet. With the increased protection, why wouldn’t you buy an RFID wallet? You need a place to store your credit cards, identification cards, cash, and family pictures. Instead of settling for a standard wallet, pick up an RFID wallet to prevent even the minimal risk of digital theft now and the near-guaranteed threat of the future.

While there is something to be said about living off the grid and minimizing your dependence on technology, you always have to realize society will not bend to your will. Therefore, you have to protect yourself against outside threats, including RFID theft.

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