Possible Gun Laws a Biden Administration May Pursue

It’s no secret that Joe Biden isn’t a fan of Americans’ right to bear arms. Since it appears he will very soon hold the highest office in the land, it’s important to understand what might come next in regard to the Second Amendment. Though there’s no crystal ball that allows you to see into the future of a Biden administration, you can get a good idea of his next moves if you look at his words and past actions regarding gun laws. Based on what he’s said in the past and what’s currently on his own website, here are some possible gun laws a Biden administration may pursue.

Ban LargeCapacity Magazines and Assault Weapons

Biden has made it clear that he does not think large-capacity magazines or “assault weapons” (which are basically just semi-automatic firearms that look kind of scary). That means your AR-15 is on the chopping block. Additionally, Biden will likely push to make it illegal for Americans to purchase and/or own “large-capacity” magazines. Based on past attempts to ban large-capacity magazines, it’s clear that any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds is considered large capacity.

The good news is that just last year, an attempt to ban magazines holding more than 10 rounds was struck down by a federal district court in California. Hopefully, it will not be easy for the Biden administration to pass laws banning assault weapons or “high-capacity” magazines.

Require Universal Background Checks

It is a common misconception among certain—ahem—groups of people that you can buy a gun from any licensed dealer without a background check. As anyone who has purchased a gun knows, this simply isn’t true. Licensed gun dealers are already required by law to conduct a background check for every single gun sale.

However, if you sell a gun online or in person, you aren’t required to abide by the same law. This is why you can sell a gun to your brother without worrying about doing a background check on him. Under the Biden administration, this may change. Biden will likely push for universal background checks, which would apply to any in-person or online gun sale. This law would require you to conduct a federal background check on your kid, cousin, or whoever else before selling a gun to him or her.

Repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act

The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (otherwise known as PLCAA), is a current law in the United States that protects firearms dealers and manufacturers from being held liable if their products are used to commit crimes. This law makes sense because a gun dealer or manufacturer can’t possibly know the intent of the person buying the product.

However, the Biden administration has stated on their website that they will seek to repeal the PLCAA. This would be a sneaky but effective way to reduce gun sales throughout the United States, as gun manufacturers and dealers would not want to take the risk of being held liable for what users do with their product. Repealing the PLCAA would be much like requiring all automobile manufacturers and dealers to be held personally liable for the actions of drunk drivers, irresponsible drivers or those driving under the influence of any illegal or prescribed substance.

To prepare for the enaction of such a law, it is wise to purchase at least one reliable firearm. Ideally, you should have at least one rifle that’s good for hunting and one reliable self-defense firearm.

Are you aware of any other gun laws the Biden administration may seek to pass or repeal? If so, let us know about them in the comments below.