My 3 Goals as a Gun Owner in 2021

With a new year comes a new commitment to being a better person, which is the whole purpose behind New Year’s resolutions. While most people focus on health and fitness goals, gun owners should look beyond the obvious.

Even if you feel as though you’re a safe, responsible owner of firearms, there’s always room for improvement. Never get complacent, never back down, and never let someone define you as a gun owner, or a human being. Here are three resolutions that allow you to renew your commitment and be a better gun owner overall.

1. Carry Your Gun as Much as You Can

Have gun, will travel should be your motto in 2021. A concealed carry license is only beneficial if you take full advantage of it, which entails carrying your weapon safely and consistently. Even if you’re just stopping by a local convenience store or making a short commute to work, your weapon should be on you at all times.

However, you should also be fully aware of those places where you’re not permitted to have a firearm, which often includes schools and government buildings. Even if you find fault with the restrictions where you live, it’s still important to follow them. Being a law-abiding gun owner is the best way to counter accusations of recklessness or carelessness. Hold yourself up as an example by being responsible and conscientious.

2. Be Politically Aware and Active

The Second Amendment is constantly under attack by politicians who don’t believe gun owners deserve the rights afforded to them. Accordingly, it’s your duty as a gun owner to do the necessary research, so you remain fully informed. Your vote is your voice, and by supporting pro-2A politicians you can rest assured that your rights will be protected. Research is also useful for informing others when it comes to the truth about guns, crime, and the Constitution.

Misinformation is particularly rampant on social media. It can be frustrating as a gun owner to see people close to you spewing nonsense, but it also presents a valuable teaching opportunity. Keep in mind most people receive their news from untrustworthy sources, and fighting misinformation with verifiable facts is the only way. Sure, tensions are bound to flare up when a person makes baseless claims, especially when it comes to weapon bans. If you counter hysterical rhetoric calmly and coolly, you’re more likely to change hearts and minds than if you react with anger and frustration.

3. Take Better Care of Your Firearms

If you don’t already have a gun maintenance and cleaning schedule developed, 2021 is the perfect time to start one. It’s recommended that guns are lightly cleaned after every range visit to remove gunpowder residue. Deep cleaning should occur after firing 3,000 rounds or so to keep your weapon safe and accurate. When sediment builds up inside firearms, it can affect your ability to shoot on target. It can also increase the risk of misfires, which is the last thing you want when defending yourself or your family.

Another aspect of firearm care is properly storing the weapon. Good gun owners have a safe, secure place for their firearms when not in use. This is especially important when you have young children in the home, who might stumble upon your weapon inadvertently. Gun safes are ideal, just make sure the code or key is always kept secure to prevent someone from opening the safe and making off with your gun. If you prefer easy access to your weapon, make sure it’s in a well-hidden location, such as on a high shelf in a closet.

Have you made different resolutions involving gun ownership in your personal life? If so, leave them in the comments so that other gun owners can apply them to their own habits.