Looking Into the Top 5 Pieces of Navy SEALs Gear

The Navy SEALs are the most elite American military force responsible for numerous covert missions and renowned for their stealth, skill, and field expertise. Being the elite or the elite, Navy SEALs have a cultish following, and survivalists are among the biggest diehard fans, especially when it comes to the gear.

Not everyone can afford such expensive tactical equipment, with much of the gear coming in over $5,000 to $10,000 — that doesn’t stop many admirers from salivating over the possibility of wearing or owning a piece of military equipment deemed essential to one of the most elite forces worldwide. While there are many items necessary to the SEALs, six things are the most interesting from a survivalist standpoint.

1. The Helmet

The melon protector is one of the most critical elements for a SEAL team member. The Ops Core Maritime helmet offers full-dome protection in a lightweight shell, which is crucial considering all of the items mounted to the helmet during a mission, including the Manta Strobe, M-AX Mount, Ops Core Counter Weight, Peltor Comtac III, and Wilcox L4. The Ops Core Maritime helmet comes in at a staggering $45,937.60.

2. The Goggles

Also mounted to a SEALs helmet are the night vision goggles. However, these are not the same as a pair of night vision specs you get at a Bass Pro Shop. No, these are the GPNVG quad-tube goggles. While most dual-tube setups allow the viewer to see 45°, the quad-tube provides a broader vision field of up to 100°. Don’t get too excited, though; if you want to own a pair of these puppies, it will set you back about $43,000.

3. The Armor

When it comes to body armor, two pieces of equipment are needed: the plate carrier and the armor. The plate carrier often changes because of the variety of missions SEALs participate in, but for an assaulter, the most popular option is likely the LBT 6094, coming in around $500. Don’t get too excited; the carrier doesn’t mean much without the plates.

The armor is a mystery. The U.S. military does not advertise the specific armor they use — go figure.  However, even the go-to standard — the Harris PRC 153 — comes in at around $6,800. The SEALs likely use something more expensive, which means you would probably be looking at about $10,000 at least for the exact setup.

4. The Pistol

Every operator differs in their pistol preference. Two of the most popular choices include the 1911 and the Glock 19 gen 5. Essentially, the pistol must be reliable, portable, and allow for multiple accessories. For standard operations, a SEAL might need a pistol light and a red dot scope. The most popular choices for these accessories include:

  • Surefire x300u pistol light
  • Trijicon RMR red dot sight.

5. The Rifle

When it comes to rifle selection, most operators will have individual preferences, but many prefer the Heckler and Koch 416 battle rifle. While a bit much, the weapon is rugged and reliable. The gun will typically carry several accessories, including:

  • SureFire Socom 556 RC Suppressor
  • PEQ 15 ATPIAL IR Laser
  • VTAC 2 Point Padded Sling
  • SureFire Scout Rifle Light
  • Eotech Hybrid Sight

When all is said and done, if you want to dress like a Navy SEAL, it will cost you upwards of $100,000. Thankfully, most survivalists are not traveling through war-torn countries with the fear of enemy fire, meaning you can probably knock at least $40,000 to $80,000 off the tab.

What’s a piece of SEAL equipment you wish you could own? Leave a comment.