How To Practice Shooting Without Going to the Range

The last year has been a crazy one, and things may get a lot worse before they get better. In addition to taking inventory of your emergency supplies and making upgrades or replacements as needed, you should also practice your target skills. You never know when you may need to rely on them for food or to protect your family from rioters or other criminals.

It’s not always practical to schedule an appointment with your local gun range when you want to practice your target skills. Fortunately, there are other ways you can perfect your aim. Here’s are a few ways to practice shooting without going to the range.

Use Pellet Guns

Pellet guns are designed to look and feel a lot like real guns, but they shoot pellets instead of real ammunition. Pellet guns are a great option for target practice when you can’t get to the range. They also allow you to brush up on your marksmanship without wasting your ammunition (which is mighty hard to find right now!)

The make and model of pellet gun you choose depends on what skills you’re trying to improve. For the most well-rounded target practice, it’s probably best to fire both a pistol pellet gun and an air rifle.

Go DryFiring

Dry-firing is a great way to improve your hand-eye coordination, muscle memory and courage (recoil can be a beast). Dry-firing is just a fancy term for pulling the trigger of an unloaded gun. If this practice seems pointless to you, consider that the best pro shooters dry-fire routinely. It’s sort of like taking a practice swing with a golf club before stepping up to the ball. It helps train your body to handle and fire a gun correctly and to anticipate the recoil.

To make sure your dry-firing session doesn’t go horribly wrong, make sure your firearm is unloaded. After you check once, check again, then again. Only once you’re absolutely sure there is no ammo in your gun can should you begin dry-firing. Choose a safe backstop just in case, such as a cupboard full of toilet paper or a bookshelf. Then “fire” away, paying close attention to your form throughout the firing process.

Use Laser Trainers

Laser training is sort of like an upgraded version of dry-firing. You mount a laser on your unloaded gun then proceed to “fire” it at a target. The laser makes it easy to see every movement you make while firing. Don’t be frustrated if your hand is less stable than you believed it to be. Remember, the laser makes even the tiniest movements seem exaggerated.

There is a company out there called Laserlyte. It took laser training to an enhanced level by manufacturing tools designed specifically for the genre. It makes a Trainer Pistol Cartridge that emits a laser beam just after it’s struck by the firing pin. This function makes it possible for the shooter to see precisely where the laser lands and where the bullet would have gone if the gun were loaded at the time of the shot.

You can make laser training more fun by adding a competitive aspect to it. Consider purchasing electronic targets that beep or light up when struck by the laser light. That way you can compete with your friends or family members to see who’s the most accurate “laser shooter.” Although laser training targets are expensive, you can use them over and over again. When compared to the skyrocketing cost of ammo (which is in short supply right now), it won’t take long for your laser targets to pay for themselves.

Who says you need to go to the gun range to improve your target skills? Try these three easy ways to practice shooting without stepping foot in a range. Do you have any other great ways to practice shooting from home or elsewhere? Let us know in the comments!