How To Flee a Country With Closed Borders

Civil wars and other types of armed conflicts can make it extremely dangerous to stick around. After all, you don’t want to deal with stray bullets, snipers or heavy artillery around your family. How can you bug out of the country in an emergency situation if the borders are closed? Follow these tips:

1. Know Your Destination

Leaving your home with no set destination in mind is a bad idea. It’s not enough to say, “we’re going to Alaska.” You need to pinpoint a specific area that you’ve chosen, plan several different routes, print out maps and then stay focused on reaching it. Otherwise, your family becomes refugees.

Being a refugee can be very dangerous, as criminals and corrupt people on the way may try to take advantage of you. Always stay in control and give an appearance of knowing the lay of the land.

2. Gather Your Supplies

Once you’ve decided where you’re going and how you’re going to travel, make sure bug out bags are equipped with enough food and water for the journey. This means plenty of canned goods and one liter of water per person per day.

ALWAYS take along some method to filter and purify water from streams. This can make traveling off the grid much easier. Pack at least one spare set of clothing (including boots) to change into after crossing rivers.

3. Move Fast but Be Smart

The best ways to escape a country in conflict depend heavily on the availability of transportation. Normally, the order of priority would be aircraft, train, automobile and going on foot last. However, in a SHTF situation, planes may be grounded and trains may be subject to checkpoint searches.

What about taking a truck or Jeep? If gasoline is readily available, vehicles can help you cross long distances quickly. America has tons of backroads that let you (mostly) stay off the grid while traveling. Still, checkpoints are almost inevitable at certain points on main highways.

You have to play the situation by ear based on what you’ve seen and heard. You may be able to get through checkpoints safely by being the “gray man,” someone unthreatening and unremarkable. If you’ve heard that agents are assaulting travelers, robbing them or worse, however, then going off-road or on foot may be your only option.

4. Cross Borders With Stealth

When you get to a border crossing, operate under the assumption that government agents are enemies, not friendlies. Of course, we’re not saying to attack them, which is probably the worst possible decision. The point is that loyalist soldiers during conflicts usually view people trying to escape as “traitors,” putting you at risk of being detained or worse.

Crossing borders stealthily in more isolated areas is safer, but it carries some risks. You have to be aware of the terrain and make sure your family knows how to hike through wilderness areas and cross rivers.

5. Go North

The northern border of the U.S. is huge, and there’s no real way for soldiers to patrol the whole thing. Getting through the southern border with Mexico is more troublesome for crossing due to fencing, surveillance systems and border walls.

The right survival decision in an emergency may be to exfil to a different country. What matters is keeping your family safe and sound. Bugging out across closed borders is doable, but it’s hard, so prepare well ahead of time.

Do you have other bug out tips? Share them below!