Essential Gear for Securing Your Home and Property

Cameras, lights and other security equipment can give you advance warning to threats. Even 30 to 45 seconds of advance warning can literally save your life. If you install your system right, you should get even more notice than that.

How To Build Your Own DIY Security System

You don’t need to give your info to some security company that keeps records of your passcodes or monitors your camera feeds. It’s pretty easy to pick out individual components and set up your own security system.


Good lighting is a great defense against criminals and people who want to sneak into your house. There are many types of lighting you should include:

  • Permanent exterior lighting

  • Motion-activated lighting

  • Motion-sensor interior lights

  • Solar-powered security lights

With modern LED light bulbs, you may want to install permanent nighttime lighting with timers in strategic areas outside. The cost to run these energy efficient bulbs isn’t much and they can put out serious illumination to cover entry points such as windows and doors. Motion-sensor interior lights turn on instantly if someone walks nearby. They warn you if someone gets inside the house.


Security alarms can give you a heads-up if someone breaches your property, breaks a window or forces a door. Those precious seconds can completely change the outcome of an encounter, giving you time to grab your gun or baseball bat. Who wants to face a homeowner with a shotgun now that you’re awake?


For maximum video security, invest in weatherproof, tamper-proof, wired cameras pointed at your home’s access points. When connected to your computer, they can show you the exterior in real time and show if someone has been prowling your property. This electricity-hungry setup may not work great when SHTF, but it’s unbeatable right now.

At the very least, buy and install a doorbell camera. You should never open your door, even during the day, unless you trust the person on the other side.

Impact Doors and Windows

Security glass and reinforced door frames can take a real beating without breaking. Many can resist projectiles going 170 mph. They’re not impervious to break-ins, but they slow down criminals a LOT. Impact windows won’t shatter, so if someone wants to get in that way they have to tear out the entire window.

Why Your Home Needs Security Right Now

There are some crazy people out there and you have a duty to keep your family safe. If you’re a dad, that means making sure your daughter’s ex-boyfriend doesn’t manage to get into the house or scare her. Crime is on the rise even in smaller cities. There are even people who try to steal your identity by grabbing your mail, your packages or your garbage. All of these situations make it urgent to invest in high-quality security tech right now.

What You’re Preparing For

The security systems you choose depends on your priorities in disaster situations. If you’re envisioning an end-of-the-world scenario with rampant rioting and total lack of security forces you can trust, then you need to prioritize physical barriers and protection, including gates and multiple locking mechanisms.

Is security tech important for natural disasters? Absolutely. Having cameras can make your home a less appealing target for looters. Impact doors and windows protect against hurricanes and they also deter thieves. It’s a waste of their time to target your home when criminals can just rob a different house that has less protection.