Coolest butterfly Knife Tricks for Beginners

The Balisong, or Butterfly Knife, is one of the coolest and most controversial knives on the planet. While an agile self-defense weapon in skillful hands, it rose to fame through criminal enterprises, leading to its banishment in many countries. However, many areas relaxed regulations with hobbyists and collectors, leading to a rise in the production of this beautiful and misunderstood blade.

Now, thousands of people purchase these weapons to showcase their knife handling skills. No other knife is capable of the tricks and maneuvers of the Balisong, which is why you are here, after all. You want to learn some cool tricks and techniques, and today you will, at the very least, understand the principles of four beginner tricks.

Flick Opening and Closing

The first basic maneuver people learn is the flick. There are two types of flicks: the opening and close.

To perform the flick opening, hold the Butterfly knife with the bite handle facing away from you. The bite handle is the handle where the blade is stored. You want to flick your wrist, allowing the bite handle to push out. Then, rotate the safe handle, meeting the bite handle at the back of the hand. Finally, turn your wrist, allowing the handles to wind up together in your hand with the knife in the open position.

To perform the flick closing, you will do the exact opposite of the opening. The knife is in the open position, so you need to flick the bite handle into your open palm, allowing both handles to align and close.


The pinwheel is among the most popular Butterfly Knife tricks, but it is also a little more advanced. If you want to learn this trick, take your time, and start slow.

The starting position for the pinwheel is with the tang pins aligned with your thumb. You want to hold the safe handle and let the bite handle drop. Then, flip the bite handle and shift your grip, allowing the bite handle to be held upwards. Finally, snap the bite handle closed. With a lot of practice, this maneuver is quick and impressive.

Aerial Tricks

Many newcomers, wanting to impress their friends with their butterfly skills, want to learn aerial tricks. While aerial stunts are impressive, they are reserved for the more advanced practitioner.

Aerial displays are not only more difficult, but they are also more dangerous, which is why many experts recommend you start with a fake knife. Using a fake knife will allow you to build your confidence and acumen.

Before you dive into aerial tricks, try first to master the Butterfly knife’s opening and closing flick and then follow that with the pinwheel. With practice, you will build the confidence and skill necessary for the over the top aerial tricks.

The Balisong has a long and exciting history, and it is lovely that people are beginning to appreciate the significance and uniqueness of this blade. Beyond just focusing on the tricks, try to appreciate the history. Do you know of any other fun tricks or interesting facts about the Butterfly Knife? If so, leave a comment below.