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Erasing Your Digital Footprint for Safety

Erasing your digital footprint is not a quick process, and it requires subdued expectations. While it is possible to eliminate a significant portion of your online presence, true elimination is likely impossible.

Expectations and Adverse Side Effects

There is no way to completely remove yourself from the internet, especially if you had an active social media presence or maintained any form of digital communication in the past. Your information has likely been spread out far and wide with no realistic expectation of privacy. 

Despite this proclamation, removing most of your digital presence is possible, making a data leak or identity theft less likely. Unfortunately, taking the following steps will also make it challenging to communicate with potential employers.

Are you still committed to deleting as much of your footprint as possible? The following four steps will take time, but they provide your best chance for removal.

1. Delete Active and Inactive Accounts

Are you currently or were you ever active on social media platforms, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram? If so, you will want to log in to each of these platforms and close or delete your profile. Each forum will probably have its own process.

It is also vital to deactivate shopping sites, like Amazon, Macy’s, Gap, etc. Remember, deleting these accounts will probably result in the loss of any benefits or discounts, so be sure you want to eliminate your profile.

2. Eliminate Data Broker Access

Data broker sites are often the bain of internet users’ existence. These sites, such as Spokeo and, gather your personal information and hand it out. Many turn over your data to advertisers for a small fee, and others give it away.

Unfortunately, the process of removing yourself from a data broker can be a bit of a nuisance. Most companies require paperwork, faxing, or some other archaic and bureaucratic process. If you do not have the time or the patience for such a process, consider subscribing to a platform like DeleteMe. These services go through the process for you and continually check back to make sure your information doesn’t pop up again.

It is worth noting that deleting yourself from data brokers could also remove you from Google search results. Without search results, it can be challenging for people to find you, which might be your point.

3. Remove Personal Information From Sites

If you want to eliminate old blogs or posts on social media, you might have to work with the webmaster directly. The problem is that these sites’ owners are under no obligation to pull or delete your posts.

If you cannot remove the information directly, you can contact the webmaster. If they ignore your requests, you can try sending a legal request to the host or owner. Typically, one-on-one communication is best.

If your digital information is related to an inaccurate or outdated Google search result, you can try Google’s URL removal tool. Essentially, the tool red flags the URL and submits it to Google servers requesting an update. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee this process will work.

4. Delete or Close Email Accounts

Deleting your email accounts should be the last step you take when attempting to delete your digital footprint. The previous steps require an email address. Once you finish those processes, you can go to your email provider and find the tab for closing or deleting your account.

The above will help eliminate your digital footprint, but it will not erase your entire online presence. Have you ever used these steps, or do you have more suggestions? Leave a comment below.

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How To Pick Your Very First Gun

You know you want a gun, but you have no idea what type of gun will best suit your purposes, right?  With so many different varieties out there, how can you possibly decide which gun should have the honor of being your “first”? While there is no single “right” gun for everyone, there are some things you can do to determine which gun is right for you. Here are some helpful tips to make the first-time gun selection process much easier.

Figure Out the Purpose for Your Gun

Before you purchase your first gun, you need to think about what its primary purpose will be. Are you buying a gun primarily for home defense or for target practicing at the gun range? Do you want a gun you can carry with you (concealed or open), or are you searching for a home-defense gun that will do the most damage to an intruder with murderous intent?

The intended purpose for your gun may not fall into a single category, and that’s OK. You may want to use it for both home defense and target shooting. But as long as you at least have an idea for how you’ll use it, you’ll be able to avoid purchasing a firearm that doesn’t meet your most important needs or expectations.

Try a Few Types

Remember how your mom always encouraged you to date a lot of girls so you get an idea of what’s out there? The same holds true when you’re gun shopping. You don’t want to make a commitment to the very first gun you hold in your hands, because you don’t know if there’s something better out there for you. Try a variety of guns. If possible, go to a gun range and test shoot multiple guns so you can see how they feel in your hands, how much recoil they have, etc. When it comes to choosing your first firearm, “playing the field” is a good thing. It will help you make a wise investment when you’re ready to commit to your first gun.

Consider Ammo Availability

As a first-time gun buyer, you may not be aware of how difficult it’s been to find ammo lately. Hopefully, everything gets back to normal soon, but it is wise to at least consider ammo availability before purchasing a gun. Though every type of ammo is more difficult to find right now than usual, there are some types of ammo that are more popular and are generally easier to find when there isn’t a general ammunition shortage. They include: .22, 9mm, .223, 12 gauge and .308. In normal conditions, if you have a gun that takes any of these ammunition types, you should be able to find the ammo you need pretty easily.

Figure Out Your Budget

Firearms can be expensive, but you can also get decent models for a reasonable price. When you’re shopping for your first gun, set a realistic budget, then look for a gun that fits within that budget.

In addition to these tips, you’ll also need to consider gun weight and size when purchasing your first firearm. If you’re still not sure what type of gun is right for you, don’t be shy about talking to a salesperson at your local gun store. He or she knows a lot about different gun models and will be able to help you select the firearm you need.

Are you an experienced gun owner who has a favorite gun you consider ideal for first-time gun buyers? Or maybe you have a few models you’d advise inexperienced gun owners to stay away from. Either way, let us know in the comments section!

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22 vs. Shotgun for Survival

The world has gone a little bit crazy lately, and it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll protect yourself and your family if it ever comes to that. One of the most effective survival tools available is the one government is constantly trying to take away: the firearm. Though some people seem to think they’re all equally dangerous, the truth is that some firearms are more lethal than others. And no, it generally has nothing to do with how “scary” the firearm looks.

Those who have real-world experience with guns know that the .22 and the shotgun are both highly desirable for home-defense purposes. But what about survival in general? Which one is the better choice for your overall survival needs, including staving off predators (both the human and animal varieties) and obtaining food? It turns out the answer isn’t obvious at first glance, so let’s break down the pros and cons of each gun in detail.


When it comes to your survival, the shooting range of your gun is very important. In this category, the .22 is the clear winner. The average .22 long rifle is effective at 150 yards. A shotgun, on the other hand, is meant for close-range targets. The estimated effective range of the average shotgun is just 25-40 yards with birdshot, approximately 50-75 yards with smoothbore slug, and closer to 100-125 yards with a rifled slug. So, in the category of range, the .22 wins if you’re planning to shoot targets far away from you. Of course, accuracy also depends on the skills of the person doing the shooting, as well.


It’s not unusual for shotguns to weigh as much as 12 pounds, though there are lighter-weight options available. The average .22, on the other hand, weighs just 5-7 pounds fully loaded and scoped. When it comes to survival purposes, even a few pounds makes a big difference. The lighter the gun, the less energy you’ll expend lugging it around. So in terms of weight, the .22 comes out on top.


The more versatile a gun is, the better it generally is for survival purposes. A .22 can only use one type of ammunition, while a shotgun can take a variety of ammunition options. This can make it easier for you to choose the right variety for the type of food you’re trying to take down. In terms of versatility alone, the shotgun has the upper hand.


In a real-life survival situation, you’ll probably care more about the damage your gun can inflict than how much it weighs. You’ve probably already guessed which gun is the winner when it comes to mortal damage, and it’s the shotgun. For up-close encounters, such as if a robber is trying to kill you or make off with your supplies, a shotgun is more desirable than a .22. It also requires less accuracy, which is important when your adrenaline is pumping and your arms are shaking.

You’ll also want a shotgun at your side if you encounter large predators in the wild. A shotgun will probably take down an attacking bear quicker than a .22.

The bottom line is that both of these guns are great to have for survival purposes. However, out of the four categories listed above, the .22 wins two and the shotgun wins two. We hate to decide the outcome of a tie-breaker (though we’re leaning toward the shotgun), so we want you to let us know which one you’d rather have by your side in a survival situation. Have you had to use either of these guns for self-defense? If so, how did it turn out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Our Thoughts on Carbon Fiber Firearms

Carbon fiber is a polymer that is very strong and rigid, but also impressively lightweight. Though the versatile material was invented in 1958, it has recently experienced a sharp uptick in popularity as its many potential uses and benefits are explored. Recently, the availability of carbon fiber firearms has increased. You may even know someone who’s purchased a few carbon fiber firearms for hunting and/or home defense. There are a lot of things to like about carbon fiber firearms, but do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks? Here are our thoughts on this latest firearms trend.

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Firearms

As anyone with a carbon firearm will be quick to tell you, they’re popular for a reason (for several reasons, actually). Let’s go over some of the benefits they can offer over traditional firearms.

First, a carbon fiber barrel is extremely durable when compared to its steel counterparts. While a typical steel barrel will be good for approximately 10,000 rounds (unless it’s been enhanced in some way), a carbon fiber barrel is even more effective at standing up to high heat and high pressure. That means you can likely fire more rounds through it than you could through a standard barrel. Most carbon fiber barrels are constructed with stainless steel cores with rifling. This dual-layer construction helps to maximize the strength and durability of the barrels.

Another benefit of carbon fiber barrels is that they are resistant to most chemical damage. They’re also extremely resistant to changes in temperature. These features help make carbon fiber guns immensely reliable, no matter how or where you plan to use them.

If you’re not a fan of recoil (and who is?) you’ll appreciate the fact that the rigidity of carbon fiber guns helps minimize recoil. It also dampens rifle vibration so you have an easier time controlling your weapon when firing.

Last but not least, carbon fiber barrels are exceptionally lightweight. That means you’ll have an easier time carrying your gun around and firing it. Some experienced gun owners claim that their accuracy is even better when using a carbon fiber firearm.

Drawbacks of Carbon Fiber Firearms

Now that we’ve gone over the many benefits carbon fiber firearms can offer, let’s talk about some of the potential drawbacks. Knowing the pros and cons will help you make the most educated decision when purchasing a new firearm.

Surprisingly, there is just one major drawback to purchasing a carbon fiber firearm, and that is the price. Carbon fiber is an expensive material to manufacture, and that increased price is passed on to the consumer. That means you’ll need to be prepared to pay a pretty penny to purchase a gun barrel made from carbon fiber.

However, it’s important to understand that your carbon fiber barrel will probably last longer than its steel counterparts. So even though you’ll pay more up front, you may actually save money in the long run. There is also the possibility that carbon fiber firearms may become cheaper in the future (once they are not so “new”). You may also consider saving money by simply upgrading one of your current firearm barrels to a carbon fiber barrel.

Though they consistently get great reviews by gun enthusiasts, carbon fiber guns may not be preferred by everyone. Before purchasing one, it’s wise to give one a try if you can. That way you can decide if the many benefits outweigh the initial cost for you and can avoid making a purchase decision that you’ll later regret.

How do you feel about carbon fiber firearms? Do you like them or do you prefer a standard steel barrel? Let us know in the comments section below!

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How To Navigate Online Gun Auctions

There’s no question that buying a gun online is simpler than the alternative. Plus, it’s much easier to discover unique and collectible firearms online than it is to find these rare gems in gun stores. If you purchase through an online gun auction, you can get some incredible treasures for a steal of a price.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic gun collector or you’re just getting ready to purchase your first home defense weapon, it’s important to know where to go to find high-quality firearms through online gun auctions. Here are a few things you should know about navigating online gun auctions effectively.

Take Your Time to Find the Right Bidding Service

As with all things in life, some online auction webcasting services are exceptional, while others fall short. Here are a few tips for finding the best online bidding services when you’re looking for your next firearm.

  • Make sure the bidding services provider utilizes a secure website so your purchases are protected.
  • Take time to research various bidding services to make sure they have a trustworthy history and consistently good reviews.
  • Don’t waste your time with online bidding providers that don’t bother to work with licensed auction companies. You want to make sure the auction company is licensed so you have peace of mind that your firearm is coming from a trusted source.
  • Choose a provider that provides access to auction archives. That way you can research the market value of any firearms you’re interested in placing a bid on.
  • For the best possible experience, look for a provider that offers live streaming of the auction.

The best online gun auction providers are also great at communicating. Before deciding which provider to go with, check to make sure you can speak with an auction specialist as needed to make sure you understand what’s going on and that your needs are being adequately met.

How to Bid Effectively

If you don’t know how to navigate the fast-paced world of online bidding, you’re likely to miss out on a lot of great gun-buying opportunities. Here are some tips to help you play the game like a pro, whether it’s your first time bidding or your 100th.

  • Take time to educate yourself so you make wise purchasing decisions. Don’t bid on a firearm simply because it looks cool. Spend time researching it before placing a bid to make sure it’s something you really want. Research can also reveal whether a gun seems to be authentic or if there are subtle indications it may be a counterfeit.
  • Don’t get caught off-guard by unexpected shipping and buyer’s fees. Make sure you review the terms and conditions of the online auction before you agree to them.
  • Quickly register for events so you have enough time for approvals.
  • Bid early and often if you’re serious about a particular firearm. If you’re not engaged and vigilant, you could easily miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.
  • Keep in mind that if you get the highest bid on a gun, you’ll need to have it shipped to an FFL dealer near you. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot simply buy a gun in an online auction and have it shipped directly to you. Laws do not allow guns to be shipped to anyone without an FFL license via interstate shipment. So do your research in advance and locate an FFL dealer near you.

Once you become familiar with the process, you’ll see that bidding online is easier than you think.  It can also be a fun and exciting process that can yield great rewards in the form of cool and unique firearms you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Are you a gun collector? Let us know what kinds of tips and tricks you use to navigate online gun auctions.

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Best Gun Safes: An Introduction to Choosing the Right Gun Safe for Your Needs

If you own a firearm or plan to buy one, it’s important to have a safe place to store it. But when it comes time to buy the right safe for your needs, you might feel a little overwhelmed. There are so many different safe brands, sizes, prices and features available. To help you save a little time (and headache), here are some of the best safes out there, separated by price, size, security and ease of use.


There’s no getting around the fact that safes can be pretty pricey. But if you buy a quality one, it will likely last a lifetime. Since not everyone has a few grand to drop on a safe, here are some of the best models you can get for under $600 (yes, really!)

The Barska AX11652 is an entry-level safe that is made fairly well. It doesn’t have any fancy features, which is just fine if you’re simply looking to store your firearm safely. It offers a biometric lock, which may not work for everyone, but is a pretty cool option if we say so ourselves. There’s no fire rating for this safe, and the steel gauge isn’t listed (however, it seems like it’s probably somewhere between a 14- or 16-gauge thickness).


If you’re not super concerned about price but you are concerned about size, here are some of the best large and small safes available. If you’ve got a lot of guns, including rifles, shotguns and other long guns, you can’t go wrong with the Liberty ProVault. It can hold 24 guns and stands at 59.5” x 28.25” x 22”. It’s also a pretty affordable option at around $700 at most gun and sports supply stores.

The Liberty brand is well-known for its durability. It’s also US-made, which is definitely a plus. Keep in mind that this large model will only work if you have space for it. So measure carefully before making the investment.

As far as small handgun safes go, the Fort Knox FTK-PB is a great option. It will keep your handgun securely tucked away while making it easy for you to retrieve it if things go “bump” in the night. It’s a pretty heavy safe at around 20 lbs., and it uses a Simplex mechanical lock, which is easy to use even in minimal light conditions. This safe is large enough to hold up to three pistols, depending on how large they are and how you stack them.


There are a lot of very secure gun safes, so it’s difficult to say we know which one is the “best.” However, American Security gun safes have exceptional reviews. They are made with 12-gauge inner still and 11-gauge outer steel. They have a 2-hour fire rating and enormous, 1-1/2” locking bolts. They also offer a lifetime warranty for fire and burglary, which is a great feature.

Liberty is a step above American Security in terms of fire protection. Liberty safes offer 2 ½ hours of fire protection and are built with 7-gauge steel. Some models also come with fire-rated gypsum board insulation.

Ease of Use

When fast and easy access is of the essence, you don’t want to bother with a gun safe that has a complicated locking mechanism. For ease of use, you’ll love the Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe. As the name suggests, this safe is really easy to get into. It has a biometric lock (which means it scans your fingerprint to open). It’s ideal for  bedside use and has a pry-resistant door.

These are all great safes, but they may not be right for everyone. To determine which one is the best buy, consider what features you value most, then focus your search on those. Do you have another excellent gun safe you recommend? Let us know below!

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Can Watching Horror/Sci-Fi Movies Prepare You for Real-Life Events?

Have you ever wondered why horror, sci-fi and apocalyptic movies are so popular? As long as the movie is realistic and well done, it promotes a “what if” response in most people. You may not even realize you’re having a “what if” response, but your subconscious mind is most likely thinking about what you would do if you were in a similar situation. So although it seems like you’re watching scary, apocalyptic movies solely for entertainment purposes, could your viewing habits also prepare you for real-life events?

Why People Like Scary Movies

Not everyone likes scary movies. In fact, some adults would rather sit in front of a kid’s show for hours at a time than watch 10 minutes of a scary movie. But for others, horror and sci-fi movies have a mysterious appeal that draws them in time after time. There are different reasons why people like scary movies, but many people like the excitement and adrenaline rush associated with horror and sci-fi movies.

But the interesting thing is that research shows most people want movies to end on a positive note, even if they are scary and gory throughout. Most people don’t want to watch a horror movie that ends in gore and despair.

What Scary Movies Can Teach Us About the Future

According to new research, post-apocalyptic sci-fi movies may help fans develop a mental and practical advantage in real-life situations. The interesting thing about sci-fi movies is that they often draw on reality to some degree. In fact, some of the components of older sci-fi movies have actually become reality (take Metropolis, for example, which is a 1927 silent film that depicted the invention of human-like robots).

The truth is, what could once only be imagined in terms of technology has now become reality. Similarly, shows featuring futuristic apocalyptic themes may become more fact than fiction in the years ahead.

How Scary Movies Can Help Hone Our Disaster Response

Research shows that people who regularly watch horror or sci-fi films tend to learn vicariously through the characters on the screen. That’s why you often find yourself critiquing the seemingly stupid actions of characters in distress and imagining what you would do if you were in their situation. This vicarious learning can help prepare you for similar situations that could potentially occur in your own life.

For example, people who regularly watched “prepper” or post-apocalyptic movies were likely more prepared for the coronavirus pandemic than those who didn’t watch such movies. You’re more likely to know what foods to buy and stock up on if you first watch characters on the screen navigate their survival food needs. Though our world likely won’t be invaded by zombies or aliens, watching shows that depict people dealing with these types of crises can hone our reactions to real-world situations such as riots and social upheaval.

One interesting tidbit revealed by research is that fans of horror films show greater resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic than people who didn’t watch horror films. The same study also revealed that fans of sci-fi or “prepper” genres were both more resilient to the pandemic and more prepared to deal with it than those who didn’t indulge in such movie genres. So it seems that watching such movies can actually help us cope with real-life situations better.

Sci-fi movies help reveal how people tend to act in the face of social unrest and a rapidly spreading pandemic. Some psychologists think that watching these types of movies can be very valuable for average people who have never been through such scenarios before.

So the next time you’re told that your horror or sci-fi watching habits are a waste of time, you’ll know the truth. They’re actually preparing you for any real-world disaster that may arise.

Do you have a favorite horror or sci-fi movie? Let us know in the comments section below!

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What Happens if “The Big One” Erupts in Yellowstone

Yellowstone is a tourist’s paradise. The expansive terrain is broken up with other-worldly hot pots, eroded basaltic lava flows, fossil forests, a black obsidian mountain, and a variety of odd formations. While there’s no denying Yellowstone is beautiful and worth visiting multiple times over, there’s also no denying that the very features that make the park beautiful also reveal how dangerous it is. Its constant activity can lead many people to wonder what exactly would happen if “The Big One” were to erupt in Yellowstone during their lifetime?

What Scientists Say About Future Yellowstone Eruptions

There’s no question that the giant caldera known as Yellowstone is going to eventually erupt. When it does, the effects will be impressively wide-reaching. While some experts theorize that eruption is not likely within the next 100,000 years, others admit there is a possibility it could erupt at any time. The current estimate is based on just three known previous eruptions in Yellowstone.

These happened 2.08, 1.3, and 0.631 million years ago. Based on the average distance between these three eruptions (approximately 725,000 years), some scientists are saying we still have about 100,000 years to go before the next one hits. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that the forces of nature can often be unpredictable.

What Will Likely Happen the Next Time Yellowstone Erupts

According to the United States Geological Survey, if “The Big One” occurs at Yellowstone, the effects will not be limited to the United States alone. Such a massive, caldera-forming eruption would undoubtedly cause trouble throughout the entire world.

In addition to regional effects caused by falling ash, and changes to global climate that could last anywhere from years to decades, the states closely surrounding Yellowstone would also experience pyroclastic flows (which contain a high-density mixture of pumice, volcanic gas, ash, and hot lava blocks). Pyroclastic flows are known to move at very rapid speed down volcanic slopes and destroy practically everything in their path. The states most likely to be affected by these flows include Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

A large portion of the United States would also be affected by falling ash, which could affect the food supply by suffocating livestock and other pasture animals and contaminating their feed and water. Agricultural crops and pastures would also undoubtedly be affected by thick ash clouds. The most notable effects will likely be in the states closest to Yellowstone, but ash could also spread across much of the United States.

The most wide-reaching impact of a big Yellowstone eruption would be a change in the weather. Specifically, temperatures would drop throughout the world. Sulphur gas ejected from the volcano would also form sulphuric acid aerosols which could spread quickly around the entire globe. These are thought to be the main cause behind the cooling of the climate after a large volcanic eruption. While these changes would all cause a lot of challenges for humans, they would not end all life on earth. But it would undoubtedly cause massive casualties.

How To Survive a Yellowstone Eruption

You are more likely to survive a Yellowstone eruption if you make some basic preparations to protect yourself and your family. Here’s a step-by-step plan to get better prepared.

  1. Learn more about the specific risks you’ll likely face based on your proximity to Yellowstone.

  2. Follow local recommendations to make sure your business and household is prepared.

  3. Create an emergency plan and compile an emergency kit that will allow you to be completely self-sufficient for at least two weeks.

  4. Find out what emergency evacuation routes and plans are for schools (if you have school-aged children), and local emergency offices.

  5. Establish a plan to reunite with family members if you are separated during an eruption.

Do you have any additional preparedness advice for “The Big One” that isn’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments below!

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What Biden’s Gun Prohibition Plan Means for You

Regardless of your opinion of the legitimacy of the most recent presidential election, it’s clear that Joe Biden will be the person leading this country for at least the next four years. If you are a person who champions their Second Amendment rights, and believes that all law-abiding Americans should be allowed to own guns for recreation and defense, you’re probably concerned. And if you’re not, you should be.

Mr. Biden, like so many others of his ilk, believes that guns are the root cause of many problems in this country. As a result, he is determined, like many liberals before him, to take away the rights of people just like you. Additionally, he also aims to develop Draconian punishments for those that don’t immediately fall in line with his proposed gun plans.

Ban on SoCalled Assault Weapons

While no laws have been drafted yet, Biden campaigned on a gun policy that aims to ban “assault weapons”. What are assault weapons, you ask? Well, according to liberals, they are whatever they saw they are.

Don’t believe it? Under Biden’s proposed gun ban, certain types of shotguns, rifles, and pistols could all be made illegal, as would any magazine that holds more than ten bullets. If you currently own any of weapons included in this ban, you would be obligated to turn them over to the feds in exchange off a paltry sum of money if the law passes.

You also have the “privilege” of registering these weapons, which comes with a $200 fee. The gun registry is intended to make America safer, but it most likely will be used to identify so-called gun nuts and build cases against them. If you choose not to hand over your guns or register them, you may be faced with a $10,000 fine and up to ten years in prison.

The Left Just Don’t Get It

That is the liberal way: make unnecessary laws to punish those that don’t tow the imaginary line in the sand. What they don’t understand is that guns are so ingrained in American culture that they are practically one and the same. Gun owners are carrying on a rich tradition of self-reliance and freedom from authority. Guns are the way people make their living, feed their family, and protect loved ones from harm. Now Biden wants to punish you for exercising your rights as an American citizen.

The left also fails to understand that guns aren’t the problem, people are. The majority of gun crime involves handguns, which are mostly excluded from weapons bans. While mass shootings are horrendous, there are numerous cities throughout this nation where gun crime is a daily occurrence. Yet the left doesn’t address the causes or reasons behind the issues because they are too complex.

Instead, they focus on you, the law-abiding gun owner, who they believe they can intimidate and control. They make nonsense pronouncements that can be easily recognized as such by anyone with half a brain. They make claims about the types of weapons that are dangerous with no real knowledge of how these weapons work or why they’re used. Aren’t all weapons assault weapons, to some degree? Can’t a person do harm with a knife or baseball bat or even a vehicle if they were properly motivated?

Of course, they can. But liberals aren’t concerned with the facts. They only want to push through their political agenda.

It’s Time to Get Real, and Get Mad

As a gun-owner, it’s your duty to remain aware and informed. Now is definitely not the time to rest on your laurels and become complacent. There are big changes on the horizon, changes that affect you, your family, and your well-being. You must ready to take on the fight should it arrive at your door.

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5 Reasons Why the Glock Is Still King

There are a lot of really impressive guns out there, which is why it’s so easy to blow big bucks on a safe full of guns that are all different and fun to use. But if you’re new to the gun scene or you just want one really good gun that you can rely on in a variety of situations, you can’t beat the good old Glock. Even though new and improved gun models and manufacturers arrive on the scene every so often, the Glock always comes out on top. Here are five reasons why the Glock is still king.

1. Straightforward Construction

There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles that come with a Glock right out of the box, and that’s a good thing. The straightforward design and simple construction make the Glock a very easy gun to take apart, clean and check. Some other guns have double the parts a Glock has, which makes them more complicated to check. Fewer parts also means fewer things that can potentially break. And if you ever have any issues with a Glock, it’s pretty easy to troubleshoot the problem and figure it out yourself.

2. Lightweight Design

Glock pistols feel so great when you carry them because they’re so lightweight. That’s one of the reasons they’re preferred by gun-toting professionals. When compared with other gun makes and models that are similar in size, the Glock is significantly lighter than most. Whether you work with guns every day or you’re simply a regular citizen who likes to pack heat, weight should be a big factor when choosing a gun to carry.

3. Rugged Durability

The Glock has an almost legendary reputation for its durability and rugged design. Though the guns are made from less than 86% steel, their proprietary polymer frames are impressively resilient. The company is very secretive about how they create such a strong frame from polymer, but they’ve clearly mastered the formula. Glock has to be durable to meet the rigorous standards of militaries around the globe. When you buy a Glock, you can rest assured that your gun will keep kicking reliably for years to come. Just remember to take good care of it and keep it clean for optimal results.

4. Good Pricing

If you’re looking for a great self-defense gun that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, a Glock is an ideal solution. The company consistently offers guns that are priced well below the competition or are at the very least competitively priced. Given the exceptional reputation for durability and longevity these guns have, you get great value for your money no matter what model you end up purchasing.

5. Lots of Afermarket Upgrades

Though Glock guns are extremely simple in design, there are a lot of aftermarket upgrades available if you prefer more bells and whistles. For example, you can easily add an extender if your factory slide stop is too small for your lining. You can also install a nice set of tritium night sights if you want to make your pistol easier to use in low-light conditions. It can be a lot of fun to completely customize a new Glock with aftermarket parts designed to make your life easier.

In addition to all of these benefits, the reliable Glock has been tested time and again in professional situations. It’s been used by many different militaries and armed forces worldwide, and it’s still a staple in American law enforcement. There’s no denying that the simple-looking Glock is one of the most reliable guns ever created. Don’t believe us? Buy one for yourself, use it for a while, and let us know what you think!

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