Join us on our journey of the BlackOpsTac Lifestyle!

I’m Daniel Craig, the founder of BlackOpsTac. Thanks to BlackOpsTac, my wife and I know that we are prepared for whatever the future holds. With proper gear, knowledge, and preparation we feel confident and peace of mind knowing that we can handle ourselves in any situation.

We are the pioneers of the BlackOpsTac Movement, a new and research backed method to transform your living and household using the time tested strategies and methods into preparing for any situation to come.

Every BlackOpsTac order comes with a free copy of the “Emergency Preparation Starter’s Guide”, with research proven strategies and techniques.

All orders come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Products must be returned to warehouse within 90 days of order for refund.
All orders are shipped from Bluffdale, Utah, USA.

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(385) 342-3637

13863 S 2700 W #201 Bluffdale, UT 84065

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