A Brief Review of the Taurus G3c Pistol

Taurus is a gun manufacturer with a storied past. People either love them or hate them for their reputation. However, over the last several decades, you cannot deny the company’s ambition and improvement. The G3c is the latest pistol to come off production, and it is a decent addition to the affordable firearms market.


As a more affordable option to the Glock 26 and Glock 19, the Taurus G3c is a fair contribution to the handgun sector. It is a 12-round, slim gun that is perfect for concealing and easy to handle. The manufacturer also produces larger capacity magazines of 15 and 17 rounds for those interested. For those looking for a good glove box or home defense handgun, the Taurus G3c is a good fit.


The magwell is nothing special. It does not provide a beveled edge — at least not enough to support reload the weapon. Without adequate definition and due to its smaller size, a user can injure their hands when reloading. Essentially, people with bigger hands might get pinched between the base plate and the gun.


The overall ergonomics of the gun are good. The grip has a sandpaper-like texturing that makes a shooter confident in their hold. While not an overly large firearm, the G3c is a decent size for most people.

The trigger is unique. It is a double-action, single action, striker fire trigger. However, the weapon will most likely be used as a single action because it does not have an automatic or manual way to decock.


Unlike the G2c and the G3, Taurus decided to upgrade to metal sights on the G3c. The front sight is white-painted, and the rear sight is blacked out with horizontal serrations. All in all, the sights are quite an upgrade for Taurus and guns at this price point. In fact, the sights are better than most stock pistols, even at higher price points.


When reviewing the controls of the G3c, it becomes clear it was designed with right-handed shooters in mind. The safety is located on the left-hand side of the gun toward the rear, optimal positioning for a right-handed shooter. Also, the slide stop is located on the same side, making left-handed shooting nearly impossible without compromising your grip. 


Aesthetically, the Taurus G3c is nothing special. It is a budget gun, and most people do not expect much from that price point. While you can shine it up with some oil or rub and elbow grease, the G3c will always look like a budget gun. For what it is, there is absolutely nothing wrong with its appearance. It remains a practical and effective weapon for the right shooter.


If you want a soft shooter, don’t purchase this gun. The G3c, while small, packs a powerful punch, which is to be expected with its 9mm cartridge. Additionally, the weapon does feel a little heavy, with most of the weight focused on the slide. That said, the Taurus G3c is a capable firearm with strong recoil. However, most shooters can handle it as long as they have a proper grip.

The G3c is not for everyone, especially left-handed shooters, but it is a decent budget-friendly option. The sights, dual-action trigger, and ergonomic design make it a comfortable and capable weapon for home defense and conceal-carry.

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