3 Steps To Ensure Your Bug-Out Bag is Always Up To the Task

While it is almost natural for a knowledgeable prepper to have several go-bags stashed throughout their property — at least one for each family member — many people neglect to pack even a single bag, despite the federal government explaining the importance of such precautions. However, even those who do pack emergency bags can get lax on staying up-to-date with their contents. While having the portable kit is crucial for survival, it is only as good as the items and materials inside. When was the last time you examined your go-bags? Is everything still relevant to your family’s needs? Consider the following three steps to ensure your bags provide the most benefit during an emergency.

1. Create an Inventory System

Food and water are essential elements of even the most basic go-bag. While you might have used shelf-stable products when you packed the bag, even those have an expiration. When you first fill your go-bags, be sure to create an inventory system, something to let you know when it is time to cycle old elements out and new ones in. The system can be in a notebook, or if you’re computer savvy, you can use Excel or some other dataset program. You might be able to find an organizational app that you can use on your phone. The point is to track expiration dates and to rotate food and water.

2. Keep Track of Medical Changes

As children grow or parents get older, medical needs change. Prescription medications are crucial to pack in emergency bags, but you need to keep track of dosage requirements and expiration dates. Whenever there is a significant change in medicine, make sure to update that family member’s packs. Also, keep tabs on the amount of medication stored in bug-out bags. You do not want the prescriptions to expire. If you must store pills in a bag, make sure the bag is in a secure location and out of reach of children or other interested or curious parties.

3. Update With Technological Advancements and Environmental or Global Changes

As a survivalist or prepper, it is crucial to keep up with the news. Technology is always paving the way for new survivalist equipment, like better and portable filtration devices. Local and global news can also provide insight into possible disasters or emergencies on the horizon. For example, medical emergencies can make packing protective equipment, like masks and gloves, more important than some other typical go-bag elements.

Staying informed about current events is essential for any survivalist and prepper because it ensures you pack and have access to the tools and products you need. If you try to avoid the news, it is possible you will not know when an emergency is imminent, leaving you and your family ill-prepared.

A go-bag or bug-out bag is an essential disaster preparation tool. Governments and survivalists alike recommend it because you never know when or if you and your family will need to leave your home without notice. Do you think a go-bag is crucial for survival? Do you have any other tips or friendly advice? Leave a comment below.